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Life Sciences Commercial Analytics is dependent on siloed functional systems, point-solutions, and antiquated systems built by internal groups and legacy consulting companies


ciPARTHENON eliminates point solutions and functional silos to accelerate proactive insight generation while dramatically reducing operational costs.

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We solve for all your needs in the

Commercial Analytics Space

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Affiliation & Target Validation

Adjusts healthcare professional and organization relationships in real time for accuracy. Verifies provider suitability with nationwide insights, supporting field teams in refining engagement strategies.

Call Plan Management
Streamlines sales rep planning for healthcare interactions, optimizing calls through strategic scheduling for targeted HCP engagement. Enhances sales effectiveness by refining call plans, fostering valuable healthcare professional relationships.
Alignment Maintenance
Optimizes sales territory alignments with detailed analyses of targets and accounts. Provides insights for informed decision-making by Regional Sales Directors, ensuring strategic territory adjustments.
Incentive Compensation Administration

Streamlines incentive compensation management for field representatives, aiming for a 70% reduction in report processing time. Focuses on transparency and data accuracy to enhance productivity and minimize errors.

Salesmate AI
Dedicated medical representative assistant, providing personalized interactions and guidance, ensuring a smooth, informed approach. Facilitates seamless outreach and proficiently addresses sales and promotions inquiries in specific geographies.
Field Alerts

Delivers real-time, territory-level patient data insights, including drug usage, prescriptions, and rejections. A vital tool for monitoring sales rep activities and reporting comprehensive details on field interactions and patient engagement.

Allocation Management

Helps in strategic resource planning across commercial initiatives, allowing users to edit sales affiliations and update crucial information for informed decision-making, maximizing impact on sales and marketing activities.

Sales Force Sizing

Optimizes sales team sizing focusing on flexibility and ROI. Features include automation, efficient input management, scenario analysis, and comprehensive reporting, enhancing decision-making clarity and agility. 

Sentiment Analysis

Gauges emotions in text data, classifying sentiments as positive, negative, or neutral and detecting specific emotions. Visualized results aid marketers in understanding audience emotions, building stronger relationships.

Next Best Action

Optimizes marketing strategies by integrating data hub operations, channel execution, ROI, and budget planning simulation, enhancing customer engagement and impactful outcomes.

Digital Marketing Performance Tracking

Provides systematic analysis of key metrics to measure and optimize campaigns for improved ROI and data-driven decision-making, empowering marketers to fine-tune strategies and enhance campaign effectiveness.

Sampling Optimization

Optimizes sampling approaches with solutions for audience selection, distribution enhancements, sample adjustments, and data analysis to boost marketing impact.

Omnichannel Insights

Integrates multiple channels for a unified customer experience, featuring ML model selection, budget simulation, and scenario comparison for customer behavior analysis. Boosts customer satisfaction and ROI by personalized, consistent experiences. 

Social & GenAI Intelligence

Assists in extracting insights from user feedback across social platforms, aiding decision-making. Adds capability to input user-specific products for tailored analysis. 


Integrates CRM, Sales, Claims, and Marketing data for comprehensive customer profiles, optimizing touchpoints for meaningful engagement.

Payer 360

Offers a comprehensive view of payer metrics like TRx, NRx, and coverage information, enabling detailed analysis by geography and Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM) for insights into trends and variations.

Conversion Maximizer

Enhances brand claim conversion rates by providing a real-time overview of claim performance, including denial reasons. Focuses on maximizing claim approvals to improve the success rate of submitted claims and increase overall acceptance.

Pull Through Maximizer

Designed for the field force to aid in marketing efforts by enabling the creation of customized marketing materials. Tailor flyers with geography-level payer-channel coverage information, highlighting the superior coverage of your drug.

Access Growth Maximizer

Quantifies growth potential by benchmarking entities against similar ones within the current access landscape.

Precision Pull Through Targeting

Predict HCPs likely to prescribe after formulary access win for precision targeting.

Formulary Event Analyzer

Analyses formulary access changes for macro and minor disruptions, aiding strategic decision-making.

Payer Spine

Unified platform for integrating plans, formularies, payer entities, and PBMs, ensuring a single source of truth.

Comprehensive Deal Analytics

Guides deal strategy throughout the lifecycle, enabling success via comprehensive pull-through efforts and analytics.

Forecasting Suite

Leverages advanced analytics and modeling for accurate demand and sales forecasts, aiding in market anticipation, inventory optimization, and production planning with predictive modeling for strategic decisions.

Dynamic Targeting

Analyzes and updates data for improved HCP target selection based on multiple factors, with dynamic adjustment of target lists for efficient marketing resource allocation and enhanced healthcare professional engagement.

Launch Performance Tracking

Systematically monitors key metrics in new product launches, tracking sales, market share, customer feedback, and more, using data analytics to gain insights for optimizing commercial success in competitive markets.

Comprehensive Patient Journey Analysis

Analyzes patient behaviors, preferences, and experiences with real-world data and feedback to craft tailored marketing strategies, enhancing patient engagement and developing patient-centric solutions in the evolving healthcare sector. 

Patient Audit

Harnessing patient-claims data, this robust analytics tool offers granular insights, custom code groups, and versatile data exploration for informed decision-making.

GenAI Interactive Analytics

Revolutionary tool enabling natural language queries for instant analysis from patient-claims data, accelerating decision-making and fostering data-driven actions.

Self-Serve Analytics Sandbox

Empower users to independently access, analyze, and experiment with data, fostering insights and innovation while ensuring governance and security.

Master Data Management

Enhances efficiency in data ingestion, validation, governance, and security, empowering organizations to maintain dependable master data.

Data Acquisition Strategy

Advanced cloud-based app for Life Sciences data acquisition strategy, enabling informed decision-making and actionable insights from diverse sources.

Commercial Data Warehousing

Consolidates diverse commercial data into a centralized repository for integration and analysis, providing actionable insights into market trends, customer behaviors, and product performance.

Patient Data Hub

Acts as a comprehensive repository for patient-related data, enabling organizations to derive insights into demographics and treatment responses, all while maintaining data integrity, security, and privacy standards.

Marketing Data Hub

Integrates diverse marketing data sources into a unified repository, facilitating data-driven decisions, efficient resource allocation, and measurement of marketing initiatives' effects on brand performance and market share.

Data Health Monitor

A specialized tool designed to ensure data integrity, quality, and compliance across operations. It continuously monitors key metrics and indicators related to data quality, completeness, consistency, and compliance with regulatory standards. 


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Reduce TCO by leveraging Multi-Tenant, Full-Stack Architecture and pay as you go, per-App pricing.

Recognized in Gartner 2023 Hype Cycle for Data & Life Sciences Commercial Operations


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Revolutionizing Market Access: The Critical Role of Machine Learning in Pharmaceutical Contracting

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It’s a pleasure and honor to be working with you all.  Not only do you have the smarts and capabilities but are AMAZING people to work withThank you all for all the support you have given me and my team.

Commercial Access

There is no one out there that does everything that you do on a single platform. The other (big consulting) company could be a competition, but they do all this through people because of their domain knowledge. You are driving all this through a single platform

Executive Director,
Commercial Operations

Customerlnsights was efficient and established trust early through their high level of knowledge and quickly became our partner of choice.

Executive Director,
Commercial Operations

Refreshing to have an IC plan that is not only easy to understand but is legit, transparent and rewards performance!

National MM Director​,

Been a pleasure working with your team.  In particular, love the passion, commitment and curiosity you and the team brings!

Head of Insights and Execution ,
Market Access ​

I have never seen a room full of field personnel be so excited after seeing a product demo

Chief Commercial Officer​,

We asked for some basic data to be shared with some team members here, 24 hours later it is in their hands in a dashboard. 

This would take anyone else 2 weeks and require change orders and red tape.  Your team works with the same fire in their belly and sense of urgency that I do.  I’ve never seen it!!

Commercial Access

Your platform has the ability to look at reactive & predictive insights at the same time. This is awesome!!