Commercial Operations

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Current landscape of Commercial Operations

for Life Sciences companies


Sales Forces are hindered by siloed systems, resulting in inefficiencies and repeated manual updates. Separate tech stacks for different solutions increase costs and slow down processes, while rigid app designs complicate change management and fail to keep pace with industry innovations like AI.


ciPARTHENON™ caters a unified suite of over 40 apps sharing a common data model, ensuring seamless updates across the platform. Our multi-tenant cloud infrastructure minimizes cost and enhances scalability, while our no-code, customizable apps allow quick adaptation to evolving market demands. 

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Commercial Analytics Space

Competition focuses on specific business functions(s), not the entire spectrum and therefore, doesn’t solve the problem of point solutions and functional silos.


Affiliation & Target Validation

Affiliation and Target Validation

With our Affiliation and Target Validation app, adjust relationships between healthcare professionals and organizations in real time for accurate, current information. Verify the suitability of chosen healthcare providers for engagement, with nationwide insights supporting field teams in refining their approach.

Call Plan Management

Call Plan Management

CPM streamlines the planning and coordination of sales reps' interactions with healthcare professionals. It optimizes sales calls through strategic scheduling, ensuring targeted engagement with the right HCPs. By configuring and refining call plans based on a targeted list, CPM enhances sales effectiveness, fostering valuable relationships with healthcare professionals.

Alignment Maintenance

Alignment Maintenance

The Alignment Maintenance tool optimizes sales territory alignments by analyzing target details and account specifics. Offering insights into the potential impact of proposed changes, it empowers Regional Sales Directors (RSDs) to make informed decisions, approving or rejecting changes with a clear understanding of the consequences. This ensures a thoughtful and strategic approach to territory adjustments in the commercial life sciences industry

Incentive Compensation Administration

Incentive Compensation Administration

IC Administration helps in the implementation of streamlined processes and systems to manage and administer incentive compensation for field representatives. The focus is on achieving a 70% reduction in the time it takes to process field reports, ensuring transparency, and guaranteeing data accuracy. This initiative is designed to enhance overall productivity and minimize errors in incentive compensation processes.

Salesmate AI

Salesmate AI

Salesmate AI is a dedicated medical representative assistant designed to offer personalized interactions and prompt guidance to healthcare professionals, ensuring a smooth and well-informed approach in the healthcare sector. This specialized assistant aims to facilitate seamless outreach efforts and Proficiently tackles your nuanced inquiries regarding Sales and Promotions in your geographical area.

Field Alerts

Field Alerts

This app delivers precise, real-time insights into patient data at a territory level. It provides detailed information on a specific drug, including patient usage, prescriptions, and rejections. Field Alerts capture sales reps' approaches, making it a vital monitoring and reporting tool for comprehensive details on field activities and patient interactions.

Allocation Management

Allocation Management

ciPARTHENON™ Allocation Management Tool, with its dynamic features, helps you in the strategic planning of resources like budget, personnel, and materials across commercial initiatives. Users can edit sales-based affiliation data and update crucial information, empowering informed decisions for maximizing impact on sales, marketing, and other business activities.

Sales Force Sizing Suite

Sales Force Sizing

The Sales Force Sizing Suite optimizes sales team sizing with a focus on flexibility and ROI. Featuring user-centric automation, efficient input management, scenario analysis, and a comprehensive reporting engine, it enhances decision-making clarity and agility. This application is pivotal in the ever-evolving industry, extending its significance beyond operational procedures related to sales force sizing.


Track Sales Metrics

Gain real-time insights into sales performance across various territories. Our cloud allows you to respond proactively to underperforming regions, analyze regional trends, and assess potential threats from competitors to fortify your sales organization.

Dynamic Field Deployment

Adapt your team structure to suit local healthcare market dynamics. Our Apps create a feedback loop between field conditions and executive decisions, allowing you to reshape your sales force as needed.

Tailored Field Incentives

Boost your sales force motivation with customized, real-time incentives. Our IC App provides instant access to incentive data, letting field reps understand their performance in relation to compensation plans.

Streamlined Commercial Ops Workflows

Our Apps facilitate the effortless sharing of insights across roster, alignment, call planning & IC reducing operational friction.

Comprehensive Field Enablement

Equip your sales reps with an all-encompassing App that provides on-the-go insights. Reps can dynamically adapt their call plans and monitor progress toward meeting incentive milestones, making real-time adjustments as needed.

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