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Current Landscape of Marketing & Customer Engagement

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Marketing teams face complexities in data collection and interpretation across diverse channels, struggle with inconsistent views of customer engagement, and lack real-time insights for strategic decision-making.


ciPARTHENON™ streamlines marketing with a centralized data hub featuring 300+ connectors, real-time analytics, and no-code quick insights for dynamic, data-driven customer engagement. Our platform ensures marketers can easily adapt to digital-first strategies with predictive analytics for personalized interactions.

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Commercial Analytics Space

Competition focuses on specific business functions(s), not the entire spectrum and therefore, doesn’t solve the problem of point solutions and functional silos.


Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

ciPARTHENON™ Sentiment Analysis app gauges emotions in text data like reviews and social comments. It classifies sentiments as positive, negative, or neutral, detecting specific emotions. Results are visualized for easy interpretation, aiding marketers in building stronger relationships with their audience. 

Next Best Action

Next Best Action

By seamlessly integrating data hub operations, channel execution, ROI, and budget planning simulation, ciPARTHENON™ Next Best Action optimizes marketing strategies for enhanced customer engagement and impactful outcomes.

Digital Marketing Performance Tracking

Digital Marketing Performance Tracking

Digital Marketing Performance Tracking tool powered by ciPARTHENON™ gives systematic analysis of key metrics to measure and optimize campaigns for improved ROI and data-driven decision-making. It empowers marketers to fine-tune strategies and enhance overall campaign effectiveness.

Sampling Optimization

Sampling Optimization

The optimization aspect aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the sampling approach. ciPARTHENON™ gives fine-tuning solution for selecting the target audience, enhancing distribution channels, modifying the quantity or nature of samples, and analyzing data to maximize the impact of the sampling effort on marketing objectives.

Omnichannel Insights

Omnichannel Insights

The ciPARTHENON™ Omnichannel Insights tool integrates many channels for a unified customer experience. It includes ML model selection, budget simulation, and scenario comparison for comprehensive customer behavior analysis. Empowering businesses to create personalized, consistent experiences, it boosts customer satisfaction and ROI.

Social and GenAI Intelligence

Social & GenAI Intelligence

This AI pack assists in extracting valuable insights from user feedback across diverse social platforms, aiding in decision-making. ciPARTHENON™ adds the ability to input user-specific products and analyze insights for different products. 

Researchmate AI

Researchmate AI

ciPARTHENON™ owned Researchmate AI is a new tool related to artificial intelligence applications. It involve AI-driven data analysis, natural language processing aimed at supporting research processes. It has the ability to analyse the document and respond to all the queries from that document. 

Key Features of Marketing & Customer Engagement Apps

Track Marketing Metrics in Real-Time

Gain real-time insights into marketing campaign performance across various territories. Our cloud allows you to respond proactively to underperforming regions, analyze regional trends, and assess potential threats from competitors to fortify your marketing efforts.

Streamlined Campaign Data Workflows

Our cloud facilitates the effortless integration of campaign data from multiple sources to bring insights to brand marketing teams.

Tailored Omnichannel Insights

Boost effectiveness of marketing campaigns with customized, real-time insights. Our Omnichannel insights solution helps identify what’s working and what doesn’t, to continuously improve effectiveness of marketing campaigns and measuring ROI

Innovative AI Apps

Enables organizations to make data-driven decisions and adapt to market dynamics quickly. Our Apps such next best action and AI enabled social listening and generative AI suite help increase efficiency and maximize reach to the target audience.

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