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Current Landscape of Market Access

for Life Sciences companies


Navigating the reimbursement landscape requires demonstrating the product's value beyond cost, understanding its real-world effectiveness, and distinguishing between buyers, payers, and consumers to optimize market access.


ciPARTHENON™ enhances market access with Value Driven Pricing and Contracting Apps that Apps leverage AI/ML models to analyze real-world data, ensuring treatments are priced and promoted based on their true impact. The Payer 360 App facilitates understanding and addressing diverse stakeholder value drivers, enhancing collaboration for unrestricted market access.

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Competition focuses on specific business functions(s), not the entire spectrum and therefore, doesn’t solve the problem of point solutions and functional silos.


Payer 360

Payer 360

The Payer 360 tool provides a comprehensive view of payer metrics, including TRx, NRx, Dispensed Abandoned, and NBRx, along with coverage information. It allows detailed analysis by geography and Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM), offering insights into specific trends and variations.

Conversion Maximizer

Conversion Maximizer

Conversion Maximizer is crafted to enhance the conversion rate of brand claims. This solution provides a real-time overview of a brand's claim performance, offering insights into denial reasons. The primary focus is on identifying opportunities to maximize claim approvals, ultimately aiming to improve the success rate of submitted claims and increase overall acceptance and approval of brand claims.

Pull through Maximizer

Pull Through Maximizer

Pull through Maximizer is primarily built for the field force. This helps them in the pull through marketing efforts by helping them create marketing material. The tool is dynamic and allows the field employee to customize the flyer with geography-level payer-channel coverage information. This helps them in showcasing the superior coverage of our drug.

Formulary Event Analyzer

Mailminter AI

This is an AI-driven tool that leverages advanced AI to automate the conversion of unstructured emails with Formulary Updates into a structured format, facilitating organized information retrieval through a database-driven approach.

Key Features of Market Access Apps

ML/AI Driven Insights

Market Access teams can make faster and better decisions powered by ML/AI using the pre-built, ready-to-deploy Market Access modules in ciPARTHENON. 

Real Time Analytics

Improve Market Access performance with timely and actionable insights, demonstrating positive patient outcomes for cost-effective therapy in managed care contracting

Real World Data Integration

Use Real-World data and analytics provide insights into payor’s patient population needs and the challenges patients face in obtaining affordable treatments. 

Dynamic Views for Field Users

Improve Intelligence Integration with pull-through data to field users, executives, and patient services for contracting strategy and effectiveness. 

Advanced Pre-Built Visualisations to Surface

Insight with Speed

  • Ready to deploy pre-built modules.
  • Set notification and alerts
  • Customized view across modules
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