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Current landscape of Commercial Analytics

for Life Sciences companies


Commercial Analytics Center Of Excellence Teams are now playing a crucial role in various business functions within the Life Sciences organizations. In order to make the most out of their limited resources and budgets, they require fully integrated technology platforms.


ciParthenon's Commercial Analytics Apps equips Center Of Excellence teams with real-time field intelligence, patient analytics, intelligent targeting, and dynamic launch monitoring solutions.

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Commercial Analytics Space

Competition focuses on specific business functions(s), not the entire spectrum and therefore, doesn’t solve the problem of point solutions and functional silos.


Forecasting Suite

Forecasting Suite

The ciPARTHENON™ Forecasting Suite employs advanced analytics and modeling to generate accurate forecasts for product demand and sales performance. Essential for pharmaceutical companies, it aids in anticipating market needs, optimizing inventory, and planning production schedules. With features like predictive modeling and real-time adjustments, it provides decision-makers with actionable insights for informed strategic decisions in the industry."

Dynamic Targeting

Dynamic Targeting

This strategy involves regularly analyzing and updating data to improve the selection of target HCPs based on prescription patterns, engagement history, geography, and other relevant factors.
ciPARTHENON™ processes extensive data, enabling pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to dynamically adjust target lists. This ensures efficient allocation of marketing resources, maximizing impact and improving engagement with healthcare professionals.

Launch Performance Tracking

Launch Performance Tracking

Systematically monitor key metrics during the launch of a new product using data analytics and ciPARTHENON™. This includes tracking sales, market share, customer feedback, growth patterns, coverage, patient access, inventory, and shipments. Gain valuable insights to optimize commercial success in a competitive market.

Comprehensive Patient Journey Analysis

Patient Journey Analysis

Using ciPARTHENON™ and methodologies, this approach tracks and analyzes patient behaviors, preferences, and experiences throughout the healthcare journey. By mapping real-world data and patient feedback, it helps life sciences companies tailor marketing strategies, enhance patient engagement, and develop patient-centric solutions in the evolving healthcare landscape.

Patient Audit

Patient Audit

Patient Audit powered by ciPARTHENON™ facilitates the rapid generation of decisive insights for both existing and upcoming drug assets. It achieves this based on three key parameters:

Diagnostic claims data, utilized to aggregate andgenerate insights at the ICD-10 level.
Pharmacy claims data, employed for aggregating and generating insights at the NDC level.
Medical claims data, used to aggregate and generate insights at the J-code level.
Gen AI Interactive Analysis

GenAI Interactive Analytics

Gen AI Interactive Analysis powered by ciPARTHENON™ comprises three primary data sources: patient claims, healthcare professional (HCP) level prescriptions, and payer level formulary data from Kythera. Users have the capability to input both SQL code and plain text, which our platform then translates into a SQL query. Subsequently, we execute this query on the specified data sources, retrieving results that empower big pharma companies to make informed decisions in various aspects of their operations.


Real-Time Field Intelligence

Benefit from weekly updates on newly diagnosed patients to tailor your interventions. Our Apps also enable real-time tracking of product rejections and competitor metrics, providing a comprehensive market view for strategic decisions. 

Comprehensive Patient Analytics

Our Cloud serves as a centralized hub for all your patient-related data. It features an audit section for customized drug or diagnosis code queries, enables in-depth patient journey analyses, and even offers an AI-driven conversational bot for instant answers to your patient-related questions. 

Intelligent Targeting Solutions

Leverage our ML/AI capabilities for efficient dataset creation and specialty mapping. ciPARTHENON's predictive analytics optimize your targeting and segmentation strategies, and it's also designed to support your New Product Planning and market sizing activities. 

Dynamic Launch Monitoring

The Launch Tracking App provides an immediate snapshot of your product's overall performance compared to its forecast. It offers real-time analytics on critical metrics such as TRx growth, market coverage, and access, enabling agile adjustments to your launch strategy. 

Adaptive Forecasting Solutions

Our Forecasting Suite streamlines product forecast creation and allows customization based on your chosen market attributes and metrics. It also provides tailored recommendations on the most relevant forecasting model framework, facilitating more accurate and informed decision-making. 

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