Pipeline Decision-Making & Launch Prep

The foundation of a successful product launch is built on early collaboration with a knowledgeable partner, who can expertly guide your path to market, starting well before your drug receives approval



Customerinsights.ai offers a full suite of Platform Led Consulting and Analytics solutions to help emerging biotech and pharmaceutical companies with pipeline decision making and launch preparations.
Data, Systems & Information Management

As experts in technology and data, we can help you with identification, acquisition, and implementation of your data and systems, ensuring you're well-prepared for launch.

Go-to-market business case development.

Our forecasting and financial analysis solutions can help you with discussions related to financing, commercialization, as well as business development and licensing.

Field Team & Sales Strategy

With deep roots in commercial strategy and analytics, we can help you with identifying highest value targets, developing the size and structure of your commercial teams, and designing impactful incentive compensation plans. 

Market Research & Marketing Strategy

We offer qualitative and quantitative research solutions to support a range of pipeline decision-making and inform marketing strategies for launch. Our MR solutions include: TPP Testing, Demand Estimation, Patient Journey, Positioning and Messaging strategy.

Market Access

Our market access services encompass analytics and research to help understand the pricing landscape, formulate a clear value proposition for payers, and define your contracting strategy.

Med Affairs

We offer analytics solutions to help you with identifying and profiling KOLs and developing the size and structure of your medical teams.

Prepare for launch with ciPARTHENON – Unified Commercial Analytics Cloud

Our multi-tenant, no-code, full-stack cloud for that can support all your pre and post launch analytics needs