DC Allocation Tool 2023

Author Name:- Anuj Semwal

An innovative and advanced solution meticulously developed to address the dynamic management of affiliations within dialysis centers.

Client Requirement / Problem Statement

The Client is a prominent global pharmaceutical company that specializes in the development, production, and commercialization of innovative healthcare products, particularly in the field of iron deficiency, nephrology, and cardiovascular diseases.

Business Segment

The client operates within several key business segments, focusing on therapeutic areas and products that align with its core expertise and mission. The Client aims to improve the lives of chronic kidney disease patients through a broad range of therapies focused on distinct comorbidities and complications across all stages of CKD.

Drug Indication

The drug is indicated for the treatment of moderate-to-severe pruritus associated with chronic kidney disease (CKD-aP) in adults undergoing hemodialysis (HD).


The client needs a sophisticated tool tailored to the needs of field managers. It is required to empower field managers with the capability to dynamically adjust affiliated territories and associated sales distribution percentages for dialysis centers, using real-time, up-to-date field intelligence. Field Users need a streamlined platform to promptly update affiliations that may have become obsolete, thereby ensuring the accuracy and relevance of the affiliation data. 

DC Allocation Tool 2023


Role Based Approval Workflow

A need arose to create a smooth way to send the updated affiliations from the field to their respective managers for approval. This process adds a higher level of sophistication to how approvals are managed.

Incremental Dialysis Centers

The request was to show only the incremental Dialysis Centers that have started to buy the product.

Integration In existing Process

Finally, the requirement needed Integrating the input from field with our monthly IC administration processing. 

Accuracy and Flexibility

High level of accuarcy and flexibility is required – There is a need for real-time checks built-in in order to ensure that the inputs being captured from the field adhere to the business rules. There was a need to also add a provision to revise the historical affiliations if needed and dynamically update the downstream data.

Our Solution

Our cutting-edge solution seamlessly integrates and harmonizes disparate data sources, ensuring impeccable precision in sales crediting and affiliation updates. 

Automated Data Ingestion

The solution is seamlessly linked with the data source, effortlessly adapting to reveal any emerging dialysis centers that commence recording sales activities.

Dynamic Adjustments

On a monthly basis, the field leadership—comprising Region Directors and District Managers—enact necessary adjustments to affiliations. These adjustments are anchored in the evolving imperatives of the business landscape.

Empowering Decision Makers

Following the culmination of the cycle, the most current affiliations are disseminated. This dissemination serves as the foundation for pivotal undertakings such as designing and administering incentive compensation structures, generating comprehensive business reports, crafting laser-focused marketing strategies, and identifying lucrative avenues for expansion.

Accurate Sales Affiliation

A key attribute of this solution lies in its commitment to transparency, achieved through routine audits, meticulous cross-referencing of data, and the provision of analytical insights that empower strategic decision-making for targeted marketing initiatives and the incentive structure for the field team.

DC Allocation Tool 2023

How ciPARTHENON is Used

The tool is hosted on our platform which leverages following functionalities:

Capturing User Input at backend and reflecting It back to UI for user confirmation.

Designed an approval workflow to have role-based permission system ensuring that only the right individuals access relevant data, promoting accuracy and efficiency while enhancing security.

Implementing various validations in UI for user input to ensure sanity of data being displayed or captured.

Since the tool is hosted on our platform, any modifications that are made to the affiliations can be used to instantaneously update the downstream workflows and reports in real time.
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Better, Faster, Smarter Decisions at Lower Cost


Field Force Contribution and Ground Reality Check

The tool effectively leverages the insights and experiences of the Field Force, who understand the ground realities of the market. By incorporating their input into the data analysis process, the tool ensures that the strategies formulated are not only data-driven but also aligned with the real-world nuances of the rare disease and dialysis centers market. This inclusion of field insights increases the tool's overall effectiveness, making it more responsive and adaptable to on-the-ground changes, and consequently more accurate in its incentive compensation calculations.


Streamlined Data Integration and Reconciliation

The tool demonstrates the importance of having a streamlined process for integrating and reconciling data, ensuring accurate capture, and processing of sales data. This function allows for the harmonious merger of data from different sources, ensuring a comprehensive view of the sales landscape. Such integration aids in creating a singular, reliable source of truth, reducing the risk of conflicts or redundancies.  


Addressing Emerging Affiliations

The tool is designed to promptly identify and track new affiliations, crucial for keeping the data up-to-date and maintaining accurate data collection for incentive compensation. This element is particularly important in an ever-evolving market, where new data points constantly emerge, and older ones might need revising. By actively managing these aspects, the tool aids in maintaining an up-to-date, accurate, and dependable database, ultimately contributing to a more effective and fair incentive compensation process. 


Regular Audits and Cross-referencing of Data

The tool emphasizes the significance of regular audits and cross-referencing of data. This approach maintains transparency and fairness in the data collection process, enhancing trust among stakeholders. By regularly scrutinizing and cross-checking data, stakeholders can have confidence in the fairness of the incentive compensation process, knowing that decisions are based on verified and reliable data. This mechanism provides a feedback loop that can help to continually improve the data collection and analysis process.