Patient 360

Author Name:- Vishal Kumar

Integrated State-of-the-art, cloud-based solution to provide analytical insights from APLD data.


Our client is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing and commercializing innovative therapeutics in immuno-dermatology.


Its focus is to develop therapies that have the potential to address high unmet medical needs while driving greater efficiency in research and clinical development.


Client’s medical dermatology pipeline includes commercialized, late-stage and earlier-development product candidates that target specific unmet needs in two of the largest growing immuno-dermatology markets, plaque psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. 

Problem Statement

Our client’s flagship brand was not growing as expected and the sales were stagnating. The client had access to Anonymous Longitudinal Patient Data (APLD) and wanted CustomerInsights.AI (CIAI) to quickly bring real world insights related to source of business, line of therapies and patient persistency from it.



Identifying Source of New Business

What are the sources of getting new patients? What are the popular therapies to source new patients? What percentage of patients are new patients, switching from other brands, or discontinuing treatments.

Lack of Insight into Claims & Dispense Rates

Who is paying for the drugs? What type of claims are getting approved and rejected? Are there certain geographies where claim rejection rate is high? What is the effectiveness of copay / discount cards?

No Visibility on Patient Persistency

Are patients adhering to and complying to the prescribed drug regimen? How effective is the drug in the real world? How many patients stop taking medication after 60 days? What is the difference between adherence levels of different drugs?

Unmapped Patient Journey

What various therapies are being prescribed to the patients? What therapies are the first line of treatment? How frequently is a patient’s therapy changing? What combination drugs are prescribed together?

Our Solution


The Patient360 App was designed and developed on ciPARTHENON, an all-in-one cloud-based analytics and reporting tool, perfectly crafted for commercial / pre-commercial life science organizations.

Built in 3 Weeks

The app required processing huge datasets from multiple sources and was built in a short time of 3 weeks, substantially shorter than the 5-6 weeks it would have taken to build on any other platform.

In-built Connectors (data acquisition & integration)

Integrated data from varied sources, cloud, on-premise, database or SaaS application using more than 300 in-built connectors, data loaders and APIs.

Developed dashboards using Ready-to-use Visualization module
Presented data in an intuitive and visually compelling format that caters to diverse data types and analytical objectives.
Data transformation & processing using Data Flow Quick Insights Module

Processed data using Data Flow module and generated insights using Quick Insights™ to dig into the data and perform correlations, groupings, and trends at the click of a button.

Automation & Scheduling using Powerful Schedulers

Automated whole dataflow with a powerful scheduler and alert system that refreshes data, triggers publications of dashboards and reports to multiple users via email.


Powered by ciPARTHENON

Powerful Automated Dashboards to track key Insights.

MacBook Air - 8


Better, Faster, Smarter Decisions at Lower Cost



Better Identification of Patients

Identify demographic, medical, and socioeconomic profile of patients who are not persistent, and develop the right message to increase patient persistency for client brands.



Improved Visibility into Treatment Lines

Understand the therapies patients were on before moving to client brand, and identify timely, accurate and informed interventions in patient journey to move patients to client brands.


Enhanced Visibility into Claim Payments

Identify copay card utilizations, out-of-pocket (OPP) expenses, claim rejection / approval / reversal rates faster and plan better marketing campaigns to connect with rights patients.



Patient Indication Split

Track client brand patient population across geographies, and identify growth opportunities in various geographies.